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"New Yorker writer Wilkes has argued that spirituality isn't just for cloistered mystics. Ordinary people, he contends, can have contact with God, flashes of the Divine, if only they open themselves to the experience."      StarNewsOnline, 10/02/10

"What a treasure... This book clearly emerges from many years of scholarly work on the Hebrew Scriptures, pastoral care of a parish, and deep personal prayer and reflection. This is a book to be read slowly and with care, to be savored, contemplated and returned to, again and again."     Claire Noonan, Amazon Reviews
(From back cover): "Inspirational prayers for all aspects of air travel, from the mundane to the maddening.... with short poetic prayers, helpful reflection questions and pertinent Scripture quotes."                           
"...a beautiful way to connect the two most popular practices of the Church! Matt Swaim shows us a way to integrate them in a life of prayer that's a continuous act of praise. This book is rich, and it's for everybody."  Mike Aquilina, EWTN host, Executive VP, St. Paul Center for Biblical Theology
"Fascinated by organic foods but confused about spelt, galangal, or pellitory? Original 13th century recipes from the extraordinary Hildegard of Bingen (saint, mystic, musician, physic) to the rescue. You'll find delicious meals to balance all aspects of health, along with table prayers, ingredient sources, conversion table and much more."  Ashley Osler, Hollywood caterer and former chef to Prince
(From back cover) "Immaculée Ilibagiza, Corrie ten Boom, Sojourner Truth, and Joan of Arc are among the women best-selling novelist Marcy Heidish calls 'defiant daughters.' What motivated these defiant daughters who gave their all for God? Heidish seeks the... decisive juncture where they took a stand for conscience, regardless of consequences. This exciting new work... is sure to interest and inspire a wide audience."
"The Dance of Death: Abjection Meets the Uncanny"